Jason Andreas (jasonandreas) wrote in jasonstories,
Jason Andreas

Time is running out...

Bony fingers danced over the keyboard. The old man knew that his time was coming, that he didn't have much left, so every moment had to count. The room smelled of stale urine - even getting up and going to the toilet would have taken precious moments that he just could not spare. The monitor's glare reflected harshly in his thick-rimmed glasses as he typed, muttering under his breath as if dictating to himself. He knew that if he failed here, his entire life would be a waste. Everything he'd worked towards, inch by painstaking inch, would be for nothing if he could not do this in time. He drove his fingers to the limit, every mistake being corrected with a muffled swear-word. He didn't have time for mistakes. He just didn't have... didn't have... his breathing was laboured now. He was dying. Seconds left. The fingers sped over the keys, typing faster and more accurately than he could ever have imagined - necessity lending speed and accuracy. It came to him, suddenly, that he had stopped typing five minutes ago. His eyes flicked down to his arms, lying lifeless beside the keyboard, no amount of effort making them move again. The eyes flicked back up to the screen, and the huge, complicated scientific formula he had painstakingly noted down. The last thing he saw, as his vision faded into the neverness of death was the last thing he had been able to type... the one symbol he had needed to pass to succeed...

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